Goat Food Rations

Prepare food for goats
  1. Food
    Feed and diet are the decisive factors for meat output. Farmers need to understand and actively feed for goats stable development.
    The main source of food for goats is leaves, grasses, vegetables or beans, starchy roots such as potatoes, maize, cassava, … There are also other types of complementary foods. such as bean pulp, bean sprouts or commercial food.
    For goats, forage forage is about 70% of the total feed. People should actively learn how to grow elephant grass, to take initiative in food sources during long unfavorable weather days.
Goat’s meal at Ego Farm

Group of raw foods:
It is the main food that provides energy for the body, while also helping to ensure the rumen works normally. Raw feed can be divided into 3 main sources:

  • Forage: are naturally grown grasses, corn stalks or sweet potato vines, cassava leaves, sugarcane, jackfruit leaves, bananas, … There are also some species of leaves containing toxins such as oval leaves, indigo leaves statue, nacre leaves, …
  • Dry raw food: such as hay, dried grass.
  • Food for roots and fruits: sweet potatoes, cassava roots, radishes or pumpkins, ..
  • Group of refined foods: These include cereals, dried cassava tubers, or cornstarch, rice bran flour, …
    There are also mineral supplements such as oyster flour, bone meal, calcium carbonate powder, …
  1. Drinking water
    The amount of water to drink for each goat will require a different amount of water. For young goats, from birth to 2 months old need 0.5 liter / day. As with adult goats may need up to 5 liters of water / day.