How to prevent and cure diseases for goats when it comes to cold winter

  1. Livestock barn
Image of Ego Farm
  • Clean up feces under cages and lime disinfection before entering the cold months of the year.
  • Regularly sprinkle probiotics periodically on the feces underneath to minimize odors and toxic gases.
  • Spray the barn, then spray to kill all germs.
  • Cover carefully the barn with canvas covering the ground, avoiding drafts and rain. Fix the canvas to cover the wind and the wind, but still ensure the barn is well ventilated.
  • Avoid smoking, burning … in the barn when covered, because it consumes a lot of oxygen to maintain the fire as well as create toxic gases such as CO, CO2 …, which further affect the respiratory problem of goat. Not to mention potential fire risks. Instead, you can use other alternative heating methods with infrared flood lights or farm heating systems …
Ego Farm uses dry straw to line the floor to keep the goats warm
  • Add straw, rag or anything that can keep the goats warm (especially baby goats) and often check to replace new liners when they are wet, dirty …
Ego Farm farm image using heating lamps for goats

To be continued…