“GREEN” SOLUTION – calculate the amount of GREEN feed for cattle

How to get enough forage for the goats?
How can I get enough grass to feed my goats in winter? If there is not enough grass needed for the goat, what solution should it be replaced?

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In order to be able to answer the farmers’ concerns and questions in the breeding process. The staff of Ego Farm always exchange, learn from experience from books, research in the world from practice to practical experience. We are confident that we will bring useful advice and a solid foundation to help farmers answer their concerns and worries in the breeding process.
We would like to send you the formula to calculate the amount of food needed to meet the goat herd in particular and the cattle in general in livestock breeding as well as the formula to calculate the area of ​​a scientific land for grass. .

  • Based on the quantity and essential nutritional needs of the type of animal.
  • Based on the yield and quality of grass seeds.
  • Feeding method (Full captive or semi-grazing, how long is the grazing time?)
Prepare goat food at Ego Farm

Based on the weight schedule of each stage of development of the goat to give the appropriate amount of feed in the breeding process.
The need for dry matter intake (VCK) of goats is calculated based on the ability to eat freely and the ability to produce seed products. The need for VCK also depends on different climates. In the temperate zone, the goat’s physical loss needs are 3 – 6% of the average body weight, while in the tropics it is about 2.5 – 4% of body weight. in which the dairy-oriented goats have higher demand for final health than the meat-oriented goats. In particular, the lactating female goats in the first and second months of the cycle can obtain a final outcome equal to 5% – 6% of body weight, and then gradually decrease.

For example: It is possible to calculate the final need for meat goat when the body weight is 40 kg. The goat’s final demand is 40 x 3% = 1.2 kg of final match. With a rate of 65% of the demand for finalization is forage forage and 35% of the demand for finalization is for refined food, the amount of food needed per day is calculated as follows:

  • Green raw feed: 1.2 kg VCK x 65% = 0.78 kg VCK.
  • Refined feed: 1.2 kg DM x 35% = 0.42 kg VCK

Green forage foods usually contain 20% of VCK on average and refined foods have about 90% of VCK. From there, we calculate the amount of specific food needed for each type

  • Green forage: 0.78 kg VCK: 20% = 3.9 kg
  • Refined feed: 0.42 kg VCK: 90% = 0.378 kg

Thus, the amount of green food needed to provide a 40kg goat per day is 3.9kg of grass. Applying the estimation formula on the scale of each livestock object, the relatives will calculate how much food to provide for them / daily norm.
To answer the question “How can I get enough goat food this winter?” We need to calculate the amount of grass to provide enough for the goat during the farming process.
Assumption: The average yield of Pennisetum purpureum grass is 30 tons / ha for a cutting batch. Average 45 days / batch cut, 8 times / year. Estimated 240 tons / ha / year and maxed out at 500 tons / year / ha.
The need for green feed for a goat weighing 40 kg a day is 3.9 kg, so that 30 days will eat all 117 kg of green grass. According to the cycle of 3 months / 1 time, the amount of grass consumed is 351kg (equivalent to 0.351 tons of grass).

  • Thus: 1 ha of grass will provide enough farming: 240 / 0.351 = 683 goats.
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